02 August 2014

FUYU NO HINATA  ends this weekend. 

01 August 2014

The gallery 'Montsalvat' where we have our exhibition.
We went for a winter picnic there the other day.

07 July 2014

On a sunny day at FUYU NO HINATA exhibition.

Kate's cups.

Yuko san's fine weaving.

26 June 2014


An exhibition of ceramic and weaving  at Montsalvat

fuyu no hinata brings together the work of textile artist Yuko Yokota (Japan) 
and ceramicists Yoko Ozawa (Australia) and Kate Hill (Australia). Translating 
to winter light, this exhibition is a collection of weaving and pottery, 
simple in form, and considerate of light, shadow and an appreciation for 
tangible objects designed for everyday use. 

The opening is Thursday the 26th of June from 6:30pm, and the exhibition runs
until the 4th of August. Actually, it's today!

13 June 2014

An exhibition in Japan.

Yoko OzawaxOlga Bennett, at Kiitos Gallery. This space was posted on UK design blog,Dezeen Magazine.

21 December 2013

My friend in Sydney sent me some photos of my works at MCA store. Thank you! :)

The sun light must be so bright up there that my pots would be dazzled.. They will be displayed while Yoko Ono exhibition.

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

15 December 2013

New glaze 'kumohada - 雲肌' 

I named this unique glaze 'kumohada', the name from thick Japanese washi paper.
It has been taking for one year to get this result. Very happy. : )

kumo means cloud, hada means skin.

08 December 2013

I've started making mugs. find them At Mr Ktily

21 November 2013

Finally I've got my new domain, 'yokoozawa.net'. Sadly no longer use the old one. Please check my new website here and change the bookmark.

20 November 2013

Oh, Yoko...

My works are at MCA ( Museum of Contemporary Art Australia ) shop, in conjunction with Yoko Ono exhibition to be displayed and sold.

They said the concept of my reflection vase could match with her work. There are 
also wall pocket, kirikabu pourers and sunup teapot set. Seems nothing to connect with contemporary art...!?

Please drop by if you come nearby. : )

14 September 2013

Clunes Ceramic award

I've got in as a finalist. :)
The exhibition is coming from 21st of September.

Thank you for my friends who gave me a hand. I'm glad I could take part in such a local award.